Luminex Case Study- TriCore Reference Laboratories & ARIES

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Stephen Young, PhD., D(ABMM), Director of Research & Clinical Trials at TriCore Reference Laboratories takes an in depth look at ARIES®.

As you know we face many challenges in the laboratory today. We have the need to reduce the number of instruments in our laboratory such that we can consolidate testing on single or multiple platforms.

The instruments need to be able to prevent human error as much as possible to improve performance. We need instruments that give us fast turnaround times to improve the value of our testing. Finally we need easy access to our data through things like bidirectional interfaces.

Recently I approached Luminex about clinical trials on ARIES specifically for HSV 1 and 2 and clostridium difficile (c. Diff). The more we understood about the capabilities of ARIES® the more we saw this as a great opportunity to test a sample to answer system in our laboratory.

ARIES® allows us to have less hands-on time for either IVDs or a Laboratory Developed Test. ARIES® offers both external and internal barcode scanning to help reduce the chances of human error. ARIES® uses at Universal amplification protocol that enables up to 12 assays to be run simultaneously in a random batch.

Internal barcode scanning allows position independent loading of cassettes. The integrated touch screen and PC eliminates the need for a separate computer and frees up bench space. The two independent modules allow for both STAT and batch testing in a single ARIES®.

The bidirectional interface capability of ARIES® allows for immediate transfer of results into your LIS.