xMAP Manual Washing Procedure Luminex Magnetics Plate Separator

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In this procedure, you will learn how to perform the manual washing procedure with the Luminex magnetic plate separator. This procedure is used for washing steps with your xMAP® assays.

When automation is not available, using the manual liquid reagent evacuation method effectively removes unbound analytes. You will use a rapid, forceful inversion motion 2-3 times in quick succession to effectively remove the liquid reagent from the microspheres in each well.

Once the assay plate is removed from the magnetic separator, a liquid reagent can be added back to each well as part of a wash step or to proceed with the next reagent addition in the assay protocol.

For more information, please refer to the Manual Washing Procedure for MagPlex® Microspheres technical notes document or contact Technical Support.

Learn more about xMAP Technology: https://hubs.ly/H09HpHL0